The WellBeing Party is seeking more people to join up so we can have full house of representatives coverage by the next federal election, roughly scheduled to be 2019.

We stand for higher values in politics, in government, in the business system and towards all people in Australia, our neighbouring countries and people around the world.

We welcome interest from all nationalities and religions in joining with us to create a far more inspirational and meaningful culture and future for our children.

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It really saddens me to watch grown men and women acting like utter baboons (or is that buffoons … or both?) in order to get and stay in the political spotlight.
The mind-boggling lack of integrity and back-flipping is so circus-like it’s laughable.
None of these people care about you and I as much as they care about themselves and their own agendas and paychecks. This is why they will and do change laws to take away your rights with the mere stroke of a pen and without a minute’s hesitation or care / remorse whatsoever.
The agendas that they serve are driven by 2 things and 2 things only:
2. MORE POWER (votes)
Politicians almost always petition for change only if and when it means more of one of these 2 things, rarely because it is in the best interests of the people.
This is why EVERY election WITHOUT EXCEPTION we are fed a whole trough of lies that are ignored or changed the minute they get what they want, and yet we keep feeding from it.
This is why, no matter who is in power, they will ignore the poor, the needy, the sick, the homeless, the environment, animal welfare, your right to choose what you do with your body, your right to choose what is put in your drinking water, your right to know what is being put in your food, your right to have or not have children, to marry who you want or to have toxic shit jabbed into the bodies of your newborn babies.
All of it is driven by money, NOT the greater good or safety of the common man or woman.
They pay advertising agencies, lawyers, psychologists and NLP genius’ absolutely millions to keep us dazed and confused, to cover their lies and back yard, under the table dealings.
Political donations, or bribes, are what keep the dirty wheels greased and turning. It has NOTHING to do with the greater good.
They aren’t in this for the love of humanity or because it burns in their very hearts and souls to see people happy and safe and the world made a better, safer place.
Please see the SHOW for what it is. Just a show, an ILLUSION of choice, nothing more.
Why are you buying it?
Why aren’t we rioting in the streets for change? Why?
Why do we let this INSANITY prevail and do nothing about it? Don’t you care what sort of a world you leave to your kids? Your grandkids?
Even the bloody Greens are backflipping here there and everywhere nowadays, most recently on GMOs. (Money)
They are ALL just a bunch of scared little children trapped in adult bodies, insanely squabbling over who has the biggest dick in the schoolyard, and worse still, they are laughing their arses off at you and I because they have, and continue to get away with it for so long.
I beg you, step OFF the hamster wheel. Care more about these things than you do about the footy scores or the Kardashians.
Failure to do so will guarantee that the world your kids grow up in will be in an even worse state than it already is. History has already proved as much.
The thinking that got us here will NOT get us out of here. RADICAL CHANGE is what is needed.
What are you doing to educate yourself so that you can make that change?
My fellow humans, I beg of you … get involved, give a fuck, get educated, get angry, get moving, take action, demand better, riot in the streets, write a letter, boycott something, just do anything that isn’t nothing while you stuff your face with Maccas and watch more reruns of Seinfeld.
Hear the cries of the planet, the animals, the environment or the people won’t you?
As One With Love Always – Ares